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VCR Commander

"Turns an ordinary VCR into a real time video event recorder!"

OEM Component: We offer the customised IC of the VCR commander to security camera manufacturers for inclusion in the design of security cameras. This 20 pin IC with minimal external circuitry enables a security camera which includes a PIR motion detector to trigger a home VCR to automatically start recording the camera picture in the event of an intrusion.


NOTE: For the new VCR Commander with integrated Video Motion Detector click here.

Would you like to have a security system that can do more than just sounding a loud siren? If your home or office ever gets broken into, wouldn't you like to have the intruder recorded on video tape? You think a system like this is too expensive?
Not any more!!
VCR Commander is a smart solution for a low cost home or office video surveillance project. If you are interested in monitoring and recording your home or office for visitors or intruders you would need a time lapse VCR. This will cost you hundreds of dollars. Can you use an ordinary VCR that you probably already have at home or office? Yes, but one of the problems with using a normal home VCR is that only a few hours of continuous video can be recorded on a tape. If you are away over night or a weekend and start recording your camera you simply run out of tape well before you are back. Even if you are away for a few hours you probably do not want to watch a static screen for a few hours to see if you had a visitor recorded on tape!! VCR Commander is the perfect solution for all these problems.

What does it do?
  This is a typical scenario: Some intruder enters a monitored area; a motion detector triggers the VCR commander; which in turn starts your ordinary VCR recording the scene. After about 30 seconds that the intruder has left, the VCR commander stops your VCR recording. You get home and check your VCR. There you have it!! Only the action that you are interested to see is recorded on tape. You do not need to waste your time searching for it in hours of recorded tape.

How does it work?
  VCR Commander sends IR signals (same as your VCR remote controller) to control your ordinary VCR in response to a dry contact input signal. It contains a library of IR codes of most common VCRs. Just connect it to normally open or normally closed contacts of virtually any detector device such as a passive IR motion detector, a door and window sensor or any security system. When triggered an alarm LED on the controller flashes. It then sends an Infrared record command to the VCR. About 30 seconds after the trigger is removed it sends a stop command to the VCR.

VCR commander measures 44 x 71 x 22 mm and can be mounted on a wall in the line of sight of the VCR. It includes a powerful IR blaster with a range of up to 10 meters (30 feet). It works with 5 to 24 volts DC power supply.

Download user manual   (108 KB)