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Wachit VMD-19M
Video Motion Detector

"No Need for a Special Security VCR. Turns an ordinary home VCR or DVD recorder  into an intelligent motion based real time security video event recorder."

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Wachit is an innovative product based on our state-of-the-art VMD-19 video motion detector module.


Normal Price   US$194.74                                   
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Wachit connects to a video camera, any home VCR or DVD recorder and optionally an electronic security system.
Wachit detects a moving object in the video signal received from the video camera.
The sensitivity of the Wachit to detect moving objects is adjustable.
Wachit learns the infra-red signals of remote controller units of most VCRs and DVD recorders and can control them by sending the same signals.
Wachit transforms an ordinary VCR or DVD recorder into a powerful and inexpensive security video event recorder.
No need for a motion sensor and extra wiring. Wachit analyses the video signal and detects activity in the scene.
In many situations Wachit overcomes the need for an expensive Time Lapse Recorder. Unlike systems using time lapse recorders, Wachit prevents recording of static images with long duration of inactivity.
Wachit can be used on tapes that have been recorded by time lapse VCRs to extract only those parts of a video tape that contain movement. This will save a long time looking for events within hours of static images recorded by time lapse VCRs.
Wachit can be armed and disarmed by an electronic security system. It can also send a relay contact signal to a security system when a motion is detected or video signal is lost.
Installation is very easy. Just 4 push fit connections that can not be installed incorrectly. Follow a very simple procedure to teach the remote control codes of the VCR or DVD recorder to the Wachit and connect a security camera to the "Video In" of Wachit. When a motion is detected Wachit activates the applicance into record mode. When there is no activity, it stops the appliance. No more static video with no image activity.



Video Motion Detection - Widely used in advanced CCTV system for intruder detection. Any CCTV system can be upgraded using the Wachit for intelligently detecting intruders and recording the event or alarming the operator.

Video Loss Detection- Wachit can raise an alarm if the video feed connected to it is brocken. Specially usefull for media broadcasters.

Wildlife Monitoring - The video signal of a camera zoomed into an area of interest from a far distance can be connected to the Wachit to detect movement of wildlife.

Event Recorder - Wachit can easily turn a standard VCR or DVD recorder into an intelligent video motion-detecting surveillance device. When a motion is detected within the video signal, the recording device will automatically start recording the scene. Once the motion is over, the recording device stops recording. This avoids hours of recording of non-eventful static images. There is no need for external triggering devices and additional wiring and cost etc.


We are currently looking for dealers and distributors worldwide to market the Wachit product. Please contact us if you are interested in distributing this product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Does the Wachit require a camera with a PIR built in?
A The Wachit range of video motion detector equipment does not require a PIR sensor. Instead, the VMD-19 microprocessor analyses the incoming video signal for motion frame-by-frame. The Wachit VMD-19M works with any camera that is connected to a recording device. This reduces the need for PIR wiring, eliminates the issue of limited PIR sensing range and allows the recording of non-thermal movement.
Q How does Wachit detect movement through the camera?
A The video camera signal is sent down a video cable to the Wachit VMD-19M, en-route to the VCR or DVD recorder. The Wachit is based on the state-of-the-art Farco VMD-19IR integrated circuit. This integrated circuit both controls the Wachit, and analyses the video signal frame by frame. The VMD-19 IC module will detect movement from the video signal (depending upon the sensitivity setting).
Q How does the Wachit control my VCR or DVD recorder?
A The Wachit learns your recorder's remote control codes and remembers them even when disconnected from the power supply. Once movement is detected on the video signal, the Wachit VMD-19M transmits the learnt infra-red remote control signals to your domestic recording device.
Q Most VCR's take a few seconds to actually start recording, in a situation where recording needs to begin immediately to capture the subject(s), action, etc... on-screen, how does the Wachit accomplish this?
A There is a new Quick Response feature of the Wachit VMD-19M that can keep the VCR in paused state, allowing the VCR to respond more quickly to motion. The Wachit VMD-19M advances the tape by a couple of seconds every 2-3 minutes to protect the tape from excessive wear. The end user can enable this feature by setting a jumper inside the Wachit. The Quick Response feature places greater demand on the VCR, and may result in accelerated wear and tear. The Quick Response feature requires that the VCR be paused AND un-paused using the pause command (as with most VCR's). However, VCR's that require a record command to continue recording from paused state may not allow this bonus feature.

Download user manual   (283 KB)