VMD-19 is upgraded to detect motion in multi-zone

Single Chip, Multi Zone, Video Motion Detector Module



Need more power?

VMD-19 is the most cost effective, intelligent and compact Video Motion Detector module available in the market today.

VMD-19 module is a complete video motion detection solution chip packaged in a 17 pin, standard 0.6" wide IC board.

This video motion detector chip can be directly connected to a composite video source and detect motion of objects within the video signal in 3 predefined zones, left, centre and right. With zone detection, you can now detect moving direction of the object. The only external component required is a crystal. This module is designed for use by OEM and engineers and engineers and hobbyists for inclusion in security cameras, Digital Video Recorders designs, video switchers, wildlife motion detection, video signal loss detection and any application where detection of movement in video signal is required.

Getting information out of video signals is what we can help you to do. If you need more than just motion detection, such as:

  • scene change
  • object recognition
  • left luggage
  • illegal parking

then we can help you, with the amazing Farco VPK-DM642 video processing board. Add even more intelligence to your existing video signal.

DM642 board

We can even supply special board-mount cameras for a complete OEM solution. Contact us with your special requirements.


Converting standard cameras into motion detection cameras

Convert an old VCR to a smart security recorder!

In many cases, there's no need to go out and buy special-purpose cameras for motion detection applications. In fact, the cameras you've already got in place may be more than adequate.

Farco manufacture a range of special purpose products for motion detection from within existing video signals. Simply plug your video signal into one of our modules - such as the Farco Wachit - and you'll instantly have a motion detection camera.

motion detection camera setup

Once the Wachit detects motion, you can use the motion trigger signal to activate many different types of alerts. What's more, the Wachit can learn remote control signals of most VCR and DVD recorders, making them record only when a motion incident is detected.

VCM-10 "VCR & DVD Recorder Conversion Module" is a small (50mm x 35mm x 20mm) and easy to install module that can be installed inside an ordinary home VCR or DVD recorder and turn it into a motion activated security recorder. Installation  is as easy as soldering a few wires to easily identifiable locations on the device. Installation is so easy that in most cases you do not even need the circuit diagram for the VCR or DVD. 


When motion is detected, the recorder starts recording, and stops when there is no more motion in the scene.