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Video Processing Board

"Ultra-high speed digital media processor board based on TI DM642 for demanding real time video processing"

DM642 board

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VPK-DM642 is designed to support different digital media and control applications by maximizing the usage of the available resources of the onboard TI DM642 Digital Media Processor through video and other expansion connectors as well as addition of a variety of I/O and communication interfaces.

As options, one CMOS digital camera module and two PAL/NTSC frame grabber plug-in cards can be connected to the video expansion ports of the VPK-DM642. Each frame grabber can be connected to one S-Video or two composite video inputs (multiplexed). Therefore the VPK-DM642 can process up to 5 channels of video.

Communication interface includes 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RS232 and high speed RS-485.

The VPK-DM642 can be used in control applications where analog and digital inputs and outputs are required. I/O includes 2 channels of 12 bit analog input, 4 isolated digital inputs and 4 opto-relay outputs.

The versatile hardware of the VPK-DM642, its ultra-high processing power of up to 5760 MIPS and its seamless integration with the TI Code Composer Studio provides an ideal platform for evaluation and development of video, imaging and control applications. The VPK-DM642 can be used either as a standalone system or embedded in a larger system.

The VPK-DM642 hardware can be further extended by addition of plug-in boards to expansion slots as required for a project.

The VPK-DM642 is bundled with Board Support Library (BSL), including device drivers, example code and documentation.



Up to 5760 MIPS processing power (720 MHz DSP)
CMOS Digital Camera Module and frame grabber card options
On-board JTAG interface and integration with the TI Code Composer Studio
Various onboard communication and IO interfaces
Wide range supply voltage input with on board switching power supply


Technical Specs

1 Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 Digital Media Processor @ 720 MHz
32 Mbytes of SDRAM, 4 Mbytes of Flash, 32kbits of EEPROM
10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RS-232, RS485
2 channels of 12 bit ADC, 4 opto-isolated digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, Real time clock (RTC) and digital temperature sensor
Buffered memory, host peripheral and camera interface on expansion connectors


Customization Service available

We can provide technical support for deployment of the board in your products. Special algorithms and drivers can also be developed based on your product requirements. Please contact us for your special requirements.

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